James Marshall Hendrix Electric Guitars/Performance Dates

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  • 1957 Supro Ozark

    1957 Supro Ozark
    A 1957 Supro ‘Ozark’ 1560s purchased by his father for $89 at Myers Music Shop, Seattle in 1959. Jimi had already been playing in two other teenaged dance combos along with The Rocking Kings(C. 1959-1961) by the time this guitar was purportedly stolen at the Birdland Club in Seattle. Note: Prior to owning this 1957 Supro Ozark Electric(Model in pic is a 2019 reissue)Jimi had at least one ukulele and acoustic guitar that his father had also purchased for him after Jimi had was playing a broom.
  • 1959 Danelectro Model 3022 Shorthorn

    1959 Danelectro Model 3022 Shorthorn
    Copper in color with two pick ups. Originally came with an odd shaped white pick guard.
  • 1960s Ibanez Jet King

    1960s Ibanez Jet King
    Jimi made payments on this guitar sometime in 1961-2, he didn’t have it for long and it wound up back at the store he bought it from in Tennessee.
  • 1961 Epiphone Wilshire

    1961 Epiphone Wilshire
    Jimi acquired this guitar sometime early in 1963. A working horse for him during the era where he along with the King Kasuals transitioned from playing in Clarksville then into Nashville.
  • 1960’s Fender Duo- Sonic

    1960’s Fender Duo- Sonic
    Just prior to a nine month gig with the Isley Brothers in 1964, O’Kelly Isley gifted this guitar to Jimi. the guitar was stolen only two months later.
  • 1960s Japanese Sunburst

    1960s Japanese Sunburst
    From Japan, brand unknown but certified by brother of Jimi, this guitar was on the road with Jimi during his Chitlin’ days and gigs at Cafe Wha?
  • 1959-64 Fender Jazzmaster

    1959-64 Fender Jazzmaster
    Jimi played this guitar both with Little Richard and back again with the Isley Brothers in 1965 and through to November of the same year but the guitar vanished for good shortly thereafter.
  • 1950s/60’s Fender Duo-Sonic(Sunburst)

    1950s/60’s Fender Duo-Sonic(Sunburst)
    A gift from Curtis Knight. Jimi was seen playing this In late 1965 but only had it for another year before he left for England.
  • 1960’s Fender Jazzmaster

    1960’s Fender Jazzmaster
    Jimi was seen playing this guitar along with King Curtis & The Kingpins in Spring of 1966.
  • 1960s Fender Stratocaster(Carol)

    1960s Fender Stratocaster(Carol)
    The Carol Strat as it is known, was named after his girlfriend at the time, who helped Jimi in purchasing the guitar at Manny’s Music in New York(1966)and may be first Fender Stratocaster Jimi ever owned. It is most likely not the Strat Jimi took with him to London later that year. Note: The actual stories surrounding this guitar are elusive, therefore a photo of Jimi playing his first Strat(rosewood neck)seems appropriate.
  • 1964 Fender Stratocaster(Linda)

    1964 Fender Stratocaster(Linda)
    Jimi travelled across the sea, performed and recorded with this Olympic White Stratocaster(Rosewood neck). Loaned to Jimi by Keith Richards’ wife Linda in 1966 and disappeared by March 1967.
    Note: the guitar was well worn as well its horn as seen in photo.
  • 1963 Fender Stratocaster(Sunburst)

    1963 Fender Stratocaster(Sunburst)
    Jimi was seen playing this guitar in February 1967. Bought in London after a couple of guitars went missing during a short North East tour. It disappeared in May of 1967
  • 1965 Fender Jaguar

    1965 Fender Jaguar
    Jimi used a Jaguar to record at Olympic Studios, Barnes England.
    Note: Unfortunately there is not much information about this guitar. Jaguar in the photo was strung for a left handed player.
  • 1960s Fender Stratocaster(Sunburst/Monterey)

    1960s Fender Stratocaster(Sunburst/Monterey)
    Jimi played this Sunburst at the Monterey Pop Festival in ‘67.
    Note: The Rosewood Neck era for Jimi still very much I n effect(see photo).
  • 1967 Fender Stratocaster(White)

  • 1960s Fender Stratocaster(Darlington)

    1960s Fender Stratocaster(Darlington)
    Jimi was seen playing this guitar February 2nd, 1967 when it was afterwards stolen from the Imperial Hotel in Darlington, County Durham.
    Note: Only a stock photo image for this guitar as a real photo may not be around at all.
  • 1963/64 Fender Stratocaster(Monterey Pop)

    1963/64 Fender Stratocaster(Monterey Pop)
    Jimi was seen playing this guitar on Top of the Pops March 30, 1967. He was also seen playing it on a short European tour in May of 1967 before he set it on fire just a few weeks later at the Monterey Pop Festival on June 18, 1967.
  • 1965 FenderStratocaster(Astoria)

    1965 FenderStratocaster(Astoria)
    Very likely the first guitar Jimi set aflame in England 1967 at the Astoria, London. It is one of at least two Sunbursts Jimi owned.
  • 1960s Fender Stratocaster(Sgt. Pepper/Maple)

    1960s Fender Stratocaster(Sgt. Pepper/Maple)
    One of two Red Stratocasters Jimi played during a short European tour in May 1967. It suffered a crack through its body. Jimi last played it at the Saville Theatre. It was retired and left in London. Jimi wrote a poem on the back and painted the front in Monterey pop motif. This is one of the first guitars to have a maple neck that Jimi would come to own.
  • 1965-66 Fender Stratocaster(Black)

    1965-66 Fender Stratocaster(Black)
    Jimi performed and recorded with this guitar starting around June of 1967. Jimi played this guitar at both Fillmore West and at Whiskey A Go Go.
    Note: The photo provided displays a fine example of a Stratocaster Jimi once owned.
  • 1960s Fender Stratocaster(Zappa)

    1960s Fender Stratocaster(Zappa)
    1960s Sunburst Stratocaster. This guitar has many stories that have circulated around it. Considered to be either a third guitar set on fire by Jimi or the second Sunburst set afire again after being completely restored.