James buchanan

James Buchanan Timeline

  • James Buchanan (DAD)

    James Buchanan (DAD)
    He is James Buchanan's father
  • Children

    James never had kids
  • Elizabeth Speer (Mother)

    Elizabeth Speer (Mother)
    She is James Buchanan's mother
  • Elementary school

    Elementary  school
    James went to Old Stone Academy
  • James Buchanan Jr.

    James Buchanan Jr.
    James Buchanan was the 15th president of the United States.
  • Religion

    James Buchanan's Religion was Christianity.
  • Where was James born

    James was born in a log cabin in Cove Gap PA.
  • Anne Colman

    Anne Colman
    She was engaged to James Buchanan but then he called it off
  • Nicknames

    People started calling James Buchanan Old Buck, and Doughface
  • Education

    Dickinson Collage
  • Any animals

    Any animals
    eagle, terrier named Punch and a Newfoundland named Lara
  • His early political career

    When he was 23 years old Buchanan began to think that his political career was long and as elected as a member of the Federalist Party to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
  • Another important thing that happened

    He served in the Pennsylvania legislator
  • Personal Life

    After his ex fiancé died her family blamed him for the death and would not let him go to the funeral, after what happened between them he vowed that he would never get married. He ran for president just to get his mind off of things and he did not think he would win but he did. Soon after that he finally got his mind off of what all happened when he wasn't President.
  • father died

    James Buchanan sr. Died from old age
  • Was he a bachelor

    James Buchanan was the only bachelor president in the U.S. History.
  • How old was he when is dad died

    He was not in office yet and he died from old age.
  • how old was he when his mom died

    James Buchanan was 66 years old when his mother passed away. She also died from old age.
  • mother died

    Elizabeth Speer died from old age and she had around 14 children.
  • Another important thing that happened

    He also served in the presidential administrations of Andrew Jackson
  • Who was james first lady

    Who was james first lady
    Harriet lane, she was the James's first lady.
  • Political Party

    Political Party
    James Buchanan's Political Party was Democratic because he was born into a political party of Democrats. So James went on with his families political party.
  • Vice Pres.

    Vice Pres.
    His Vice President was John C. Breckinridge
  • Military

    James Buchanan was not in the military or army.
  • Number President

    Number President
    James Buchanan was the 15 President
  • When and What State Voted secede by the Union?

    When and What State Voted secede by the Union?
    South Carolina, was voted seceded by the Union.
  • What was one thing that was important to the people

    A lawyer who gift for onatory led him to politics
  • when did anne colman die

    when did anne colman die
    Some people think she committed suicide.
  • How old was he when he died

    How old was he when he died
    James was 77 years old, the year was 1868
  • Death

    He died from a Respiratory failure