Franklin Pierce

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  • Family

    Four brothers and two sisters, not counting one who died as a baby, plus a half-sister. His dad served for Governor for New Hampshire twice 1827-1828 and 1829-1830, Benjamin Pierce, and his mother was named Anna B. Kendrick. In 1834, to Jane Pierce and they had three children, sadly none of them met adulthood.
  • Born

    Franklin Pierce was born in Hillsborough N.H. and had
  • Education

    For his Elementary years he went to public schools, but at the age of 12 he went to a private school and later on at the age of 15 went to Bowdoin College in Maine.
  • Militia

    When the Mexican War began, and New Hampshire was looking for new recruits, Pierce bravely volunteered. By 1947, Pierce became brigadier general and led expedition to invade the Mexican shores of Veracruz under General Winfield Scott. But even then Mexico was stubborn and refused Americas demands which caused Pierce and Scott headed to Mexico City. Pierce injured his leg when he was thrown from his horse, trying to recover he missed the Army's final victory at the Battle of Chapultepec, in 1847.
  • Period: to

    Politics/Beginning Career

    In Hillsborough Pierce won his political election as town moderator, he must have loved this post much because he was re-elected six years in a row. Later on in 1829, he was elected the New Hampshire State Legislature at the age of 29 then within two years he was selected as its Speaker of the House with the help of his father was a past representative. In the 1830s Pierce was sent to Washington as a state representative. After he became addicted to alcohol he figured it was time to settle down.