Franklin Pierce

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  • Family

    In 1834, to Jane Pierce and they had three children, Franklin Robert Pierce, who died of epidemic typhus at the age of four, Franklin Pierce Jr. died in infancy shortly after he was born, and Benjamin Pierce died in a train crash at the age of eleven.
  • Born

    Franklin Pierce was born in Hillsborough N.H. and four brothers and two sisters, not counting one who died as a baby, plus a half-sister. His dad served for Governor for New Hampshire twice 1827-1828 and 1829-1830, Benjamin Pierce, and his mother was named Anna B. Kendrick.
  • Education

    For his Elementary years he went to public schools, but at the age of 12 he went to a private school and later on at the age of 15 went to Bowdoin College in Maine.
  • Militia

    When the Mexican War began, and New Hampshire was looking for new recruits, Pierce bravely volunteered. By 1947, Pierce became brigadier general and led expedition to invade the Mexican shores of Veracruz under General Winfield Scott. But even then Mexico was stubborn and refused Americas demands which caused Pierce and Scott headed to Mexico City. Pierce injured his leg when he was thrown from his horse, trying to recover he missed the Army's final victory at the Battle of Chapultepec, in 1847.
  • Re-election

    When he tried to re-elect but they rejected him his drinking got worse and he stayed out of the public eye for some time. Some called Pierce one of the worst president of all American history, according to "Less successfully, he proposed annexing Cuba, by arms if necessary, but his opponents, suspecting the addition of a new slave state, outed the plan and ultimately forced him to renounce it." This shows that Franklin pierce is not suit to be a president if he caves under pressure.-
  • Re-election

    -Most citizens want a president they can count on to do the right thing, and sad to say it, but Pierce was not one of them. Even Theodore Roosevelt wrote poorly of him, "a servile tool of men worse than himself ... ever ready to do any work the slavery leaders set him." and even one of his old college buddies wrote a negative biography of Pierce.
  • Legacy

    Even though Pierce was born in the north, he was a strong believer of pro-slavery. He's also been known to dislike Abraham Lincoln, according to Pierce accused Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans of reckless conduct and denounced Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. At a democratic rally 1863, he called the war fearful, fruitless, and fatal, immediately losing face when news came of the Union victory at Gettysburg. When his wife died 1863 he stayed out of the public, until his death.
  • Death

    Franklin Pierce died of Cirrhosis of the liver, which is caused by alcoholism and most knew that he was addicted to it. Nothing can really cure this, treatment can help though, but even now there's nothing they can really do, and especially back then.
  • Death

    Franklin Pierce discovered he had a disease, cirrhosis, which is in the liver and can't be cured but treatment can help. This was caused by all the alcohol he drank, which we don't know the real reason why he was addicted to it. Maybe it was that his wife was always nagging at him to retire from presidency, or maybe that all three of his children never made it to adult hood. Towards the end of his life, he didn't have a very good ending, nor a good legacy.
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    In Hillsborough Pierce won his political election as town moderator, he must have loved this post much because he was re-elected six years in a row. Later on in 1829, he was elected the New Hampshire State Legislature at the age of 29 then within two years he was selected as its Speaker of the House with the help of his father was a past representative. In the 1830s Pierce was sent to Washington as a state representative.
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    Franklin Pierce was a firm believer in pro-slavery, yet he still won the presidential candidate of 1853-1857. Franklin Pierce wife, had been nagging him his whole political career to retire, Pierce didn't listen. But when Pierce became addicted to alcohol he decided it was time to slow down and settle down with his wife.