Jade' corbett ;when the whistle blows

  • Period: to


  • exposition 1 backround

     exposition 1 backround
    B and O Foreman company place
  • exposition 2 setting

    exposition 2  setting
    all hallows eve
  • exposition 3 characters

    exposition 3  characters
    characters are ;bill oldest bother , mike middle brother,jimmy youngest brother jimmy's dad and jimmy's mom.
  • rising action conflict

    rising action conflict
    A society meeting that Jimmy and Mike are not supposed to know about. Uncle Dick, Heevie and their dad is in the society meeeting.
  • rising action 1

    rising action 1
    All hallows eve its Jimmy's dad birthday also its payday for Jimmy's dad.
  • rising action 2

    rising action 2
    It's halloween. Jimmy is gonna get revenge on stubby. For being mean to them.
  • rising action 5

    rising action 5
    Society meeting tonight. 12;00 in the morning in front of the high school.
  • rising action 4

    rising action 4
    First day of school. Jimmy plans to skip school because he is nervous.
  • rising action 3

    rising action 3
    It's deer hunting season. Fist day of deer hunting season right after all hallows eve.
  • rising action 6

    rising action 6
    The championship game ,Jimmy starting linebacker. First undefeated season in Rowlesburg high.
  • rising action7

    rising  action7
    Jimmy twists his ankle in the championship game against Masontown high.
  • climax

    Jimmy's team is winning. So the other team forfeited. Also Jimmy hurt his knee.
  • falling action 1

    falling action 1
    Jimmy's dad is turning 66.It is 4;00 in the morning. Jimmy's dad is eating breakfast.
  • falling action 2

    falling action 2
    Jimmy goes to work with his dad.
  • falling action 4

    falling action 4
    Diesels came and almost everyone got fired.
  • rising action 3

    rising  action 3
    All hallows eve 1948. Jimmy is stuck at work and Rail is nowhere to be found.
  • falling action 5

    falling action 5
    All hallows eve Jimmy's dad dies
  • resolution 1

    resolution 1
    Jimmy is accepted into the society club.
  • resolution 2

    resolution 2
    Jimmy begins to realize that everything important happenned on important days.