• The Creation of the I.W.W.

    Created at a conference in Chicago
  • Period: to


    From Creation to Haywood's Death
  • Haywood, Pettibone, Moyers framed for murder

    Governor of Colorodo murdered, the three are framed for the crime and Haywood is taken to trial May 19, 1907 as the others remain in jail.
  • Lawerence Strike end

    Workers gain increased wages, reduction in hours, and increased compensation for overtime.
  • Joe Hill arrested for murder

    John and Arling Morrison killed in Salt Lake butcher shop, Joe Hill arrested under suspicion.
  • Joe Hill executed

    Despite letters of protest from President Wilson, Helen Keller, and Sweden, Joe Hill was executed by firing squad for murder.
  • Espionage Act enacted

    Allowed police to arrest anyone under suspicion for interfering with the military, very vague terms used against I.W.W.
  • Raids and arrests of I.W.W.

    Department of Justice raids 48 I.W.W. halls and then arrests 165 members for interfering with the draft and encouraging dissertion.
  • Centralia Tragedy

    Members of the American Legion Parade run up to the IWW Hall and attack Wobblies. Fire is exchanged. 10 members of the IWW are arrested and trialled
  • Haywood Dies

    Haywood skips bail in 1921, flees to Russia, and dies on May 18, 1928.