UFO sightings in the world.

Timeline created by Vante
  • 1917 Portugal

    1917 Portugal
    In the town of Fátima where several shepherds said that the Virgin of Fátima had appeared to them - a crowd of 70,000 people claim to have witnessed the Miracle of the Sun.
  • Hopeh´s UFO

    Hopeh´s UFO
    In China, an anonymous photograph showed a strange object on a street, which was later called Hopeh's UFO.
  • Foo Fighter

    Foo Fighter
    First appearances of foo fighters, which were seen by military air crews.
  • UFO Persecution

    UFO Persecution
    In Kentucky, USA, pilot Thomas Mantell died while chasing a UFO. He used to believe UFOs weren't real.
  • Antarctica, June and August 1965

    Antarctica, June and August 1965
    In Deception Island and Orkney Islands eight sightings made; the Argentine Navy and the Chilean Air Force issued statements on these events.
  • The first documented sighting

    The first documented sighting
    In Copiapó, Chile an unexplained celestial phenomenon is registered. Enthusiasts describe it as the first documented sighting.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    When Apollo 11 landed at the moon in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw two very large mysterious things with a bright light, and they were watching them. The news was kept secret for several years by the government of the United States.
  • The Tehran UFO Incident.

    The Tehran UFO Incident.
    The Tehran UFO Incident occurs over Tehran, where an unidentified object is sighted, which is detected by radar and which two Iranian fighter jets try to intercept.
  • UFO in Manises

    UFO in Manises
    At the Manises airport (Valencia) the UFO incident in Manises takes place, in which a commercial plane spots unidentifiable lights.
  • A plane accident

    A plane accident
    In the United Kingdom, Rendlesham's residents described to have seen the landing of an unidentified flying object, which at first was classified as a crashed plane.
  • Another UFO in Spain

    Another UFO in  Spain
    In Ochate, Castilla y León, Prudencio Muguruza photographs a white sphere that seemed to hit the town.
  • Argentina

    In Tucumán, Argentina, Alejandro Luna, a 10 years old boy, from the forest neighborhood, observed in the sky a kind of circular ship that had two levels.