Iran hostage crisis

  • the iran revolution begins

    the shah of iran left
  • Period: to

    Iran hostage crisis

  • the iran hostage crisis begins

    a group of iranian students took more than 60 hostages from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran
  • iran oil trade stopped

    president ordered a suspension of the oil trade in iran
  • operation Eagle Claw

    opperation Eagle Claw was an attempt to rescue 52 American citizens in Tehran, Iran.Opperation Eagle Claw ended with a failure by the distruction of their aircraft due to a refueling incident. this opperation also had a death toll of 8 American troops.
  • ayatolla khomeini annouces conditions in which he will release the hostages

    he wanted billions of dollars in which would remit all of Shah's American fortune.
  • hostages are sent to freedom

    Algiers accords are signed, the hostages are released, flown from Tehran to Europe, then to New York. the iran hostage crisis is over.