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    Ken Kutaragi

    Ken Kutaragi
    He is the former chairman and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the video game division of Sony Corporation, and current president and CEO of Cyber AI Entertainment.
  • The Playstation 1.

    The Playstation 1.
    The first and original Playstation Console to be released. By December 2003, the PlayStation and PS one had shipped a combined total of 102.49 million units, eventually becoming the first video game console to sell 120 million units.
  • The Playstation 2.

    The Playstation 2.
    The Playstation 2 was the 2nd console Playstation released. The PS2s have a more stronger processor than the PS1s and have more variety of games compared to the the former counterpart. It still remained popular after the released of the Playstation 3.
  • The Ps One. (Redesign)

    The Ps One. (Redesign)
    the PS One (stylized as PS one) was a considerably smaller, redesigned version of the original PlayStation video game console. It featured two main changes from its predecessor, the first being a cosmetic change to the console and the second being the home menu's Graphical User Interface
  • The Playstation 2 (Slim)

    The Playstation 2 (Slim)
    Released in 2004, the Playstation 2 was a redesign of the original Playstation 2. Compared to its predecessor, the Slimline was smaller, thinner, quieter and also included a built-in Ethernet port.
  • The Playstation 3

    The Playstation 3
    The Playstation 3 released in 2006 was the 3rd console released by Playstation in competition with the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. The PS3 was the first console in the series to introduce the use of motion-sensing technology through its Sixaxis wireless controller. The console also incorporates a Blu-ray Disc player and features high-definition resolution. Playstation 3 came with a better catalogue of games with better graphics.
  • The Playstation 3 (Slim)

    The Playstation 3 (Slim)
    Released in 2009, the Playstation 3 Slim came with a lot of upgrades including: 33% smaller, 36% lighter, and consumes 34% to 45% less power than previous model.
    In addition, it features a redesigned cooling system and a smaller Cell processor which was moved to a 45nm manufacturing process.
  • The Playstation 3 (Super Slim)

    The Playstation 3 (Super Slim)
    Released in 2013, The Playstation 3 Super Slim had new additions like: a completely redesigned case that has a sliding door covering the disc drive (which has been moved to the top of the console), is 4.3 pounds, almost three pounds lighter than the previous "slim" model. The console comes with either 12GB flash memory or a 250GB, 500GB hard drive.
  • The Playstation 4

    The Playstation 4
    Released in 2013, the Playstation 4 revealed a new era for Playstation. Upgrading from it's predecessor the Playstation 3, Sony's PlayStation 4 has significantly more CPU and graphics horsepower than the PlayStation 3, more RAM, a bigger hard drive, built-in game DVR, newer motion-sensing camera, and a better controller with touchpad.
  • The Playstation 4 (Slim)

    The Playstation 4 (Slim)
    Released in 2016, Playstation showed a brand new slim edition of the Playstation 4. The PS4 Slim is the refreshed version of the standard PS4, with a design that's 30 percent smaller, 16 percent lighter and consumes 30 percent less power than the Original Playstation 4. But there was no real reason to upgrade.
  • The Playstation 4 (Pro/Neo)

    The Playstation 4 (Pro/Neo)
    Released in 2016, The Playstation 4 Pro was an updated version of the PlayStation 4 with improved hardware, including an upgraded GPU with 4.2 teraflops of processing power, and higher CPU clock. It is designed primarily to enable selected games to be playable at 4K resolution, and improved quality for PlayStation VR.
  • The Playstation 5

    The Playstation 5
    Released in 2020, The Newest Generation of Playstation had finally arrived with the Playstation 5 featuring a more powerful graphics performance, faster loading times and superior cooling
  • The Playstation Portable(PSP)

    The Playstation Portable(PSP)
    The Playstation Portable widely known as the PSP was released in 2004. It was an handheld game consoleThe system was the most powerful portable console when it was introduced, and was the first real competitor of Nintendo's handheld consoles.
  • The Playstation Vita

    The Playstation Vita
    Released in 2011, the Playstation Vita, The original model of the handheld includes a 5-inch, OLED multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, two analog joysticks, and front and shoulder push-button input, and supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and optional 3G.