intro to business

Timeline created by willklett
  • Railroads

    Railroads open up travel to connect the US to faster trade
  • Rockefeller standard oil

    Rockefeller standard oil
    Rockefeller changes how people and businesses get light with affordable oil
  • Carnegie steel

    Carnegie steel
    Steel becomes the dominant resource for building
  • Bell telephone

    Bell telephone
    Bell invented the telephone making communication from far away possible
  • Edison invents the light

    Edison invents the light
    Edison invented the light bulb making lighting houses less expensive and better
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt
    Roosevelt becomes President and starts the fight to stop monopoly style business
  • Cars for everyone

    Cars for everyone
    Henry Ford creates a car for the average American
  • Assembly line

    Assembly line
    Ford introduces the assembly line, making mass production available
  • Mcdonald's

    Mcdonald's opens and starts fast food franchises
  • Walmart

    Walmart opens a one stop shop and takes over mom and pop shops
  • Internet

    The internet was invented, making shopping and communication much faster and easier
  • Personal computer

    Personal computer
    The personal computer was invented, making everything else obsolete. With this and the power of the internet anyone can start a small business, and get work done from home.