Intresting invention with science

  • Period: to

    Worlds inportant inventions

  • Camera

    It was used to take pictures at solid objects or also liquid objects
  • Television

    Television has affect in human life in the middle of world war 1 and it was first made then. In 1960 there was the start of colours on the television.
  • EDSAC British navigation and calculation

    It was made as smart computers which completed calculation like are calculator today.
  • IBM compatible computer

    It is the first made PC in the world and used by hundreds and thousands of users
  • satellite

    Satellite has affected us because of their use we can connect with each other and also watch live programs on the TV
  • 5 pinned mouse

    A 5 pinned mouse is where a mouse has a ball in the middle to move the cursor instead of the whole mouse.
  • laptops

    It has affected people lives because wants it came out almost half of the world bought it when there is available in the country
  • phones

    The mobile phones are used for calling trough a distance as long as half of the world it goes through a telephone signal down to the public telephone dept and then sends it to the guy you want to talk to.
  • Ink jet printer

    It was the fastest printer and also it is better than other printers because of its performance.
  • Gameboy

    The first game boy has affected a lot of people lives as the first cheap hands hold games.
  • speakers

    It was used for music watching movies and other entertainment stuff
  • Microsoft office

    It was used to do work using word document or also powerpoint for doing presenation in schol works or meetings.