Interwar Years

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  • Versailles Treaty

    Versailles Treaty
    +Treaty is imposed on Germany by Britain, France, and the US
    + Forced Germany to cede territory to France, Poland, Denmark, and Belgium, causing then to also lose Ruhr Valley. Also to pay all for damage of the war though land, gold, and machinery. They were even limited to an army of 100,000 men.
    + This caused many Germany's to hate the Wiemar Republic for agreeing to this treaty
  • League of Nations

    League of Nations
  • Communist International

    Communist International
    +The organization was founded in 1919, Moscow. The Organization was strongly against capitalist governments. Their initial purpose was to promote the world revolution, of communism.
  • Fascism in Italy

    Fascism in Italy
  • Stalin in power in Russia

    Stalin in power in Russia
    +He has defeated all major rivals of power (Lenin)
    +Stalin turns Russia into a industrial state with police brutality, torturer, and purges
  • The Great Depresstion

    The Great Depresstion
    The crash of US stock markets lead to a global depression and later lead to attractiveness of authoritarian movements like Fascism and made democracy seemed like it couldn't solve the problems.
  • Japan invades Manchuria

    Japan invades Manchuria
    +Begain with claim that Chinese soldiers had sabotaged a railway, and attacked the Chinese army The Chinese army did not fight back because it knew that the Japanese were just wanting an excuse to invade Manchuria.
    +Japanese open a undeclared war on China in Manchuria.
    +This act weaken hopes for the success of the international order.
  • Third Reich

    Third Reich
    Hitler is now Chancellor of Germany and declares that he and the Nazi party are in full control of the government. The government then had the mind set that the "master race"(white Germans) would dominate Europe for thousands of years. In order to succeed at such the master race of Germany need to cleans there country by exterminating anyone who was: colored,a jew, gypsy, disabled
  • Germany starts to go at it alone

    Germany starts to go at it alone
    The Third Reich withdraws from the disarmament conference as well as the League of Nations due to the refusal of the Western powers to allow Germany’s demands for military parity.
  • Period: to

    Hopeful years

    This time Period was refereed to as this because:
    1. Germany under Gustav Stressmann tried to abide by the Treaty of Versailles
    2. Treaty of Locarno normalized relations
    3. Germany entered the League of Nations, but will later leave when controlled by Hitler
    4. The Kellogg-Briand pact "outlawed war"
    5. The Soviet Union and the West had less tension
    6. The Dawes Plan temporarily fixed the German economy