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  • The treaty of Westminster/London

    The treaty of Westminster/London
    Belgium and Britain made an alliance
  • Dual Entente

    Dual Entente
    Russia and France signed the Dual Entente after Germany failed to renew its Russian alliance
  • Triple Entente

    Triple Entente
    Britain France and Russia signed the Triple Entente
  • The Paris Peace Conference

    The Paris Peace Conference
    27 countries attended. It was very difficult to get an agreement, in particular France Britain and America all had different aims.
  • Treaty of St Germain

    Treaty of St Germain
    This broke up the Austria-Hungarian Empire. ~Austria lost land to Italy.
    ~Austria could only have 30'000 troops.
    ~Reparations were set but never paid
  • Treaty of Neuilly

    Treaty of Neuilly
    Treaty of Bulgaria.
    ~Bulgaria lost land to Greece and Yugoslavia.
    ~Army limited to 20'000
    ~reparations set at £100 million
  • 1919-The Treaty of Versailles

    1919-The Treaty of Versailles
    Exactly five years after the assignation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand the Treaty of Versailles was signed between the Allies and defeated Germany. It severely harmed Germany with losses of honor, land, equipment and money. Because of this it was very unpopular and was a compromise between the allies.
  • Dawes plan

    Dawes plan
    Set up by the USA to help the German economy.
    Reparations were restructured so that it would be easier for Germany to pay.
  • Locarno Pact

    Locarno Pact
    Germany was allowed to join the League of Nations
    This was a series of agreements between countries on ways to protect borders and prevent wars.
    Everyone would use the League of Nations to solve problems.
    However it left countries in eastern Europe less protected.
  • Germany joins the League

    Germany joins the League
    Germany joined the League of Nations in this year.
  • Russia Joins the league

    Russia Joins the league
    Soviet Russia joins the League of Nations in this year.
  • The Saar rejoins Germany

    The Saar rejoins Germany
    The Saar rejoins Germany after being run by France as per the Treaty of Versailles.
    90% voted in the referendum to return to Germany
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    The Munich conference was British appeasement policy in action but Hitler's alliances with Italy and the USSR were designed for war.
    ~Czechoslovakia was not invited to the conference. Britain and France abandoned their commitments to defend Czechoslovakia.
    ~The USSR was not invited to the conference.
    ~Italy pretended it had come up with the Munich plans but in fact they had been drafted by the Nazis.
    ~The outcome was that the Sudetenland was given to Germany.
  • Nazi Soviet Pact

    Nazi Soviet Pact
    There are many reasons why both the Nazis and the Russians signed the Nazi soviet pact:
    ~Hitler could pretend to be friends with Russia and invade them later.
    ~Russia's army was not ready to fight a big war with Germany.
    ~Russia would get stronger by gaining half of Poland.
    ~Germany can invade Poland without having to fight Russia, avoiding war on two fronts.
    ~Stalin did not trust Britain and France as they had banned Russia from the League of Nations.
  • Anglo-Polish Mutual Assistance pact

    Anglo-Polish Mutual Assistance pact
    The Anglo-Polish military alliance refers to the alliance between the United Kingdom and the Polish Second Republic formalised by the Anglo-Polish Agreement in 1939 for mutual assistance in case of military invasion from Germany, as specified in a secret protocol.