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  • Mussolini takes office

    The leader of Italy begins his rule as leader and prime minister of Italy.
  • Hoover takes office

    The president that was around when the Depression started.
  • Wall Street Crash

    The Great Depression Begins!!
  • Bonus Army

    Veterans who wanted money from thier service in WWI
  • New Deal Passes

    The new deal is to help bring the country out of the great depression.
  • Franklin D Roosevelt takes Office

    The president who helped make the U.S. get out of the GD
  • Second New Deal

    After the first one and people's skepticism, these are passed to be more effective.
  • Period: to

    World War II

    The second world war that led to an all out clash between the Axis ans the Allies.
  • Roosevelt leaves office

    WWII ends and Roosevelt leaves office as a successful leader and president.
  • WWII Ends

    The end of the second world war.