Air car

Inprovment of Land Trasportation

  • Steam Locomotive

    Steam Locomotive
    A steam engine with 30 tons of power, it was built in advancement for weight with many peoples to ride.
  • Horse Drown Carriages

    Horse Drown Carriages
    People Hofstra The first land transportation. These (cars) carried armies to battle but, went short distances. They were most popular in England, with about 3.25 thousand.
  • Stanly Steamer

    Stanly Steamer
    members.bellatlantic With hundred pound engines, these cars had 150 horse power. A very heavy car with a style of foot pedals.
  • Electric Starter

    Electric Starter
    Fi EDU With a new battery for running makes driving so much easier. When this car is in movement the engines own power takes over the ignition process.
  • Convex Glass Windsheild

    Convex Glass Windsheild
    The first windshield to reduce a glare problem. It also minimized crashes so drivers could see, as a result driving was safer.
  • Overland Train

    Overland Train
    Road Trip AmericaIt was invented to carry supplies from place to place. With 565 feet subdivisions it had living quarters for a big crew.
  • Power Lock

    Power Lock
    Power Locks build extra protection with two motors provide power to the lock. Certain motors should be inserted for max power.
  • Air Car

    Air Car
    gizmagNo pollution car with 3 rows in a seat. Is now known as the "Zero Pollution Car." Not very god for road trips with little room.
  • Skid Control

    Skid Control
    youronlinemechanicWhen a sensor detects skidding sends traction or extra traction to the wheels to slow down or stop.
  • Electric Vehicles

    Electric Vehicles
    With an electric car goes up to 200 mph, with 60% on charge and 20% on energy and gas. A big improvement to save some money.