Innate and Learned Birdsong Development

  • Day 0/Hatching

    Day 0/Hatching
    Born with crude template song (innate component), a basic outline to prevent them from learning song of wrong species.
  • Period: to

    Sensitive Imprinting Period

    Vital to individual's success because it listens and practices calls of birds of the same species in the same area. Basically, it 'modifies' its own song. Also, imprinting occurs during this period.
  • Day 50

    Day 50
    Song learning continues
  • Period: to

    listen and practice, creating a subsong

  • Immature Silent remembers song - for two months

  • Day 100 - Improved template specific to local dialect.

    The improved template is now specific to the local dialect.
  • Day 150 - Subsong begins

    Day 150 - Subsong begins
    Subsong begins
  • Day 200 - mature song