Automobile history

  • 1495

    Automobile prototype

    Automobile prototype
    Leonardo Da Vinci sketched prototypes of four-wheeled and three-wheeled carriages with complex mechanisms, which could make them move without the use of an animal.
  • First invention that we can consider as a automobile.

    First invention that we can consider as a automobile.
    In the year 1769, the Frenchman Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot invented a three-wheeled automobile with a vertical two-cylinder engine, which he called as Fardier. It was initially designed for the French army to carry artillery, even replacing horses to carry officers across the battlefield.
  • Steam taxis.

    Steam taxis.
    The steam taxi only had a capacity of two people, the driver and the passenger.
  • First electric automobile

    First electric automobile
    In 1832 Robert Anderson invented the first electric vehicle, it was powered by electric cells that were not rechargeable. It was characterized by being quieter and less heavy than steam engines.
  • Automobile with inter combustion engine.

    Automobile with inter combustion engine.
    The automobile with an internal combustion engine was created by Siegfried Marcus, the automobile consists of a wheelbarrow with an internal combustion engine which is a type of machine that obtains mechanical energy from the chemical energy of a fuel that burns inside the combustion chamber.
  • First gasoline automobile

    First gasoline automobile
    The German engineer Carl Benz applied for the patent for the first gasoline vehicle.
  • First sports automobile

    First sports automobile
    The first sports automobile is called Vauxhall Prince Henry, it was created by the Vauxhall company. It had a length of 4.05 meters and a weight of 1,250 kilos, it was able to participate in races against the clock in honor of Prince Henry of Prussia.
  • First amphibious automobile

    First amphibious automobile
    Bauling Land-Wasser-Auto was the first automobile capable of moving by land and sea, in addition to being able to cross the "La Mancha" channel.
  • First diesel automobile.

    First diesel automobile.
    It was a Mercedes-Benz 260 D automobile, it was unveiled to the German market in 1936, which earned it the title of first mass-produced diesel automobile. The diesel engine was reliable by the standards of the time, it had a greater durability, because of the reinforced cast iron block that the engine had.
  • First safety belt

    First safety belt
    Although it is not a car, the seat belt is a fundamental part of it, it was created in 1959 by Nils Bohlin. Could save more than a million lives every decade, the idea was able to go global.
    Currently :
    Use of the seat belt is mandatory.
  • Currently...

    Today automobiles are more respectful with the environment, they are safer and loaded with advantages that range from intelligent cruise controls to frontal collision warning systems, rear view cameras, lane departure alert, this in order to have greater user security.