Industries of Colorado

  • Mining

    Mining provided gold, silver, and coal. It drew enough people to Colorado for it to become a state in 1876. Miners came to Colorado to: mine, start a buisness around mining (smith, general store, etc.), or start a new life.
  • Agriculture

    Agriculture provided crops, meat, and dairy. It impacted farmers, who got rich. It came to Colorado because the miners needed more food sources. To happen, agriculture needs farmers, water, and land.
  • Cattle and Sheep

    Cattle and Sheep
    Like Agriculture, this industry provided dairy, wool, and meat. More people came to Colorado to be herders. It came to Colorado because there was lots of easy-to-get farmland. The Cattle and Sheep industry needs feed for the animals and herders.
  • Beer

    This industry provides beer/beverages. It impacts Colorado by providing jobs, sponsers, and money for the state. The Beer Industry came to Colorado because of our fresh mountain spring water. It needs water, wheat, hops, and machinery.
  • Denver Mint

    Denver Mint
    The Mint provides coins and bills. It impacted Colorado by providing jobs. The Mint is in CO beuase there was lots of business space. It needs metal, people, and machinery.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing provides things that people need/want (cars, toys, etc.). Its impact is jobs. It came to CO because our former citizens needed things. Manufacturing needs gas and workers.
  • Tourism

    Tourism provides skiing, hiking, swimming, rafting, fishing, biking, and camping. It also provides jobs and money for the state. Tourism came to CO because of our beautiful scenery, climate, and mountains. It needs mountains, rivers, snow, trees, and fish.
  • Modern Mining

    Modern Mining
    Modern Mining provides oil, coal, natural gases, gold, silver, uranium, and molybdenum. It also provides jobs, makes money for the state. Unfortunately, it affects nature. It came to Colorado because it is rich in mining matierials. Modern Mining needs the following resources: oil, tools, manual labor, and light.