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  • Invasion

    Indonesia invades East Timor and includes it as a state.
  • Rupiah (Indonesian dollars)

    Indonesian rupiah drops in value
  • Kuta Beach Bomb Attack

    A bomb attack on Kuta Beach night club killing 202 people, mainly Tourists.
  • Three Bali bombers are found

    The three Bali bombers from the 2002 bomb attack, are found guilty and convicted to death.
  • Car Bomb Attack

    Car bomb attack outside Australian embassy kills nine people and injures more than 180.
  • Tsunami

    220,000 people are killed or missing after an undersea earthquake.
  • Airline crashes at Sumatran city of medan

    Airline crashes on take-off, killing more than 100 passengers and about 50 people on the ground.
  • Earthquake hits Indonesiia

    A powerful earthquake kills thousands of people.
  • Powerful Earthquake

    A powerful earthquake kills thousands of people.
  • Bali Bombers are executed

    The three Bali bombers from the 2002 attack, are executed for their actions.
  • Police shoot dead most wanted person

    Police shoot dead Indonesia's most wanted person who was responsible for many deadly attacks.
  • Barrak Obama visits Indonesia

    US president Barrack Obama visits Indonesia to show how a nation can embrace diversity.
  • Pay Deals End

    Pay deals end three months strike b 8,000 workers at copper and gold mine.
  • Petrol and diesel prices rise

    Parliament approves a big petrol and diesel price rise.
  • Indonesia's president is the winner.

    Indonesia's president is declared the winner of the presidential election.
  • Indonesia's and Malaysia's agreement

    Indonesia and Malaysia agree to rescue and provide shelter for the migrants.
  • Attack in popular shopping centre

    Islamic media claim responsibility for attacks near popular shopping centre.