Indian Empires Time line

  • Period: 500 to

    Time span of Empires

  • 550

    Cyrus II starts the Persian Empire

  • Dec 6, 1100

    the indo aryans started using iron tools

  • Dec 2, 1200

    social classes develop and appear in Hindu writing

  • Dec 2, 1499

    Aryans spoke sanskrit

    It was aa very different language from the Indus River Valley people.
  • Dec 2, 1500

    Aryans arrive in the Indus River Valley

    They crossed the Hindu-Kush mountain from the north and the Kyber Pass.
  • indo aryans invade india from the west

  • Aryans brought the invention of chariots

  • Aryans write books called the Vedas

    Vedas were the "books of knowledge" and told stories about contests between gods and humans.
  • Indus River Valley people develop writing

  • Indus River Valley civilization begins