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Inaugural Parade Facts

By BUnews
  • First Parade

    First Parade
    George Washington Walks in the first Inaugural Parade. (Image Source: JCCIC)
  • First Floats Appear in Inaugural Procession

    Van Buren Inauguration
    President Martin Van Buren was the first president to march in an inaugural procession containing parade floats.
  • Firemen Reject Pierce

    D.C. Firemen refused to march in Franklin Pierce's Inaugural Parade after the president did not attend a ball they threw in his honor. The president did not send his regrets.
  • African Americans March in Parade

    African Americans marched in the Inaugural Parade for the first time, following President Abraham Lincoln's inauguration for a second term in office.
  • Helen Taft Joins Parade

    Taft Inaugurated Helen Taft established the precedent of riding with her husband in the Inaugural Parade.
  • Woodrow Wilson Welcomes Women

    Woordrow Wilson was the first president to include women in his Inaugural Parade.
  • Warren Harding Takes Car to Inauguration

    Warren Harding Takes Car to Inauguration
    President Warren G. Harding became the first president to take a car to his inauguration. (Image Source: JCCIC)
  • First Parade Cancelled Due to War

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt's fourth inaugural parade was cancelled due to World War II.
  • The Parade Expands For Eisenhower

    The Parade Expands For Eisenhower
    President Eisenhower's Inaugural Parade was the largest and longest in history. (Image Source: National Park Service)
  • Kennedy's Inaugural Parade

    The Army Corps of Engineers and D.C. employees used dump trucks, plows, and flame throwers to clear snow from the parade route in front of President John F. Kennedy.
  • Jimmy Carter Walks to White House

    Jimmy Carter Walks to White House
    President Jimmy Carter walked the entire parade route from the Capitol to the White House following his inauguration. (Image Source: JCCIC)
  • Reagan's Parade Cancelled

    Freezing temperatures caused the cancellation of President Ronald Reagan's parade. Temperatures reached 7 degrees with a severe wind chill.