important events in history that influence the immigration

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    US history

  • first immigrants

    first immigrants
    The first immigrants came from England settled down in the America on May 14, 1607. They found a settlement in Virginia and named it "Jamestown".
  • the first African immigration

    the first African immigration
    About 20 African people were brought to Jamestown, America. They were the first African in the slavery history.
  • the Mayflower compact

    the Mayflower compact
    102 English Pilgrims took the Mayflower from England to America. They arrived in Plymouth and signed the Mayflower Compact, which meant they were all agreed to build a government in America.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    American government Purcahsed Luisiana From Fance, greatly increased the terrytory of America and created the opportunities for Franch immigrated to America.
  • Acquisition of Florida

    Acquisition of Florida
    By the Treaty of Adams-Onis, America got the Spanish Florida with 5 million dollars. Like Louisiniana perchase, this Perchase incresed America's territorry and brought many immigrants from other countries.
  • Salt Lake City Settlement

    Salt Lake City Settlement
    Brigham Young leaded many Mormonism settled in Utah and created Salt Lake City.
  • American-Mexican war

    American-Mexican war
    American got a large territories and population, including the Arizona, after the war, which maked America become one of the biggest countries in the world.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    The news that California has Gold spread all over the world and attracted a large population came to seek gold, making it the biggest immigration in the U.S. history.
  • 1864 Immigration Act

    1864 Immigration Act
    President Abraham Lincoln usged congress to pass the Immigration act to encourage foreigner people come to America and work here.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    Because of a large Chinese immigrants came to west America, U.S. government were allowed to suspend Chinese immigrantion for 10 years.
  • EB-5 VISA

    EB-5 VISA
    Foreigners can get a legal visa and stay in America as long as they can invest 1,000,000 dollars or creating at least 10 jobs opportunites. This act lower the requirements for some rich immigrants from other countries.
  • Arizona SB 1070

    Arizona SB 1070
    This act is the strictest anti-immigration act in the U.S.. The law has rigor requirement for immigrants who don't have a legal documents.
  • supreme Court Isuues Ruling On S.B.1070

    supreme Court Isuues Ruling On S.B.1070
    The supreme Court strikes down key provisions of S.B.1070 except one statement that police has right to check the immigration status of suspects.
  • Apology for Chinese Exclusion Act

    The 112th Congress provided a formal apology for the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act.
  • Alien of Extraordinary Ability

    Alien of Extraordinary Ability
    This kind of Visa applies to people who can demonstrate they are extraordinary in a specific field. These people can get EB -1A petition without a labor certification. They can also get the green card as well.