Important Events in American Education

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  • Infant school/kindergarten

    Infant school/kindergarten
    In 1816 Infant schools came to the US, and in the 1850's they were revived to Kindergarten. Kindergarten plays a crucial role in our in education system. There are many people questioning kindergarten readiness, and being prepared for school. Kindergarten is preparing children for their education future. Kindergarten is not meant to drill and kill children but to gradually prepared them for their future. This makes the transition easier for children, and hopefully excite them for learning.
  • Standardized testing

    Standardized testing
    As a result of WWI, standardized tests where formed. The admission of large group tests, to check the academic achievement of children. Today, standardized tests are still in use. Children as young as kindergarten are being tested. Although some believe that standardized testing is not a good way of looking at academic levels it is still being used. These tests shaped the way teachers teach the curriculum, and what they teach. Teaching to the test is becoming too common.
  • PL 94-142 and IEPs

    PL 94-142 and IEPs
    Children with disabilities are entitled to free and appropriate schooling. IEPs are still used in todays K-12 schooling. These learning plans help children with differing abilities, be able to learn in a way that works for them in public Schools. IEPs are a necessity in schooling for this children, without them there would be little to no learning.
  • Head Start and Title 1

    Head Start and Title 1
    Head Start programs are for low income families, children aged three to five to prepared them for school. Title 1 was created to supply academic resources for low income families in early grades. Both are still used today in education. There are many low income families that need to educational support. Education should no be kept from children because of low income. Education is for all.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    No Child Left Behind Act
    In 2002 No Child Left Behind Act was created to make states accountable for all children's' learning. At the time this seemed great and that it would education in a positive way, but the results aren't was predicted. Children are not getting the support they need in education. Yes, they are in school but there is a different between in schools and learning. These children simply are getting left behind in learning and it is time for a change.