Important Events and Themes In United States Education

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    History of American Education

  • Dame Schools and Apprenticeships

    In the early 1600's education was limited to Dame Schools and Apprenticeships. This is where people would go to be educated either by someone to teach them very basic reading and writing at Dame Schools or be taken in as an apprentice for a number of years to learn a specific trade and then learn to read and write within that area. Pg. 318.
  • Massachusetts Passes Law requiring Parents to Educate Children

    Massachusetts passes a law that parents must educate their children. Pg. 319.
  • Old Deluder Satan Act passed in Massachusetts

    The Old Deluder Satan Act stated that children needed to know how to read so they could read their Bibles. It stated that in a township of 50+ families a school with a paid educator needed to be established, and in places of 100+ families a Latin Grammar School needed to be formed. Pg/ 319 & 327.
  • Northwest Ordinance

    This piece of legislation stated every township be divided into 36 sections of which 1 of these sections would be set aside for the maintenance of public schools. And the second in 1787 encourages public education through federal encouragement and legislationg like this Ordinance. Pg. 321.