Important concepts

  • Literature

    One of the events that I learned about was literature, I was able to look for meanings in literature, I was able to read different types of literature, I was able to spot different types of literature.
  • English Language

    English Language
    I learned all about the English language. I learned about old, middle and modern English. I then spent a few days seeing how it changed, who spoke the different types of English and what major events changed the language.
  • Grammar

    I studied grammar, and learned different types of grammar and how and when to use it. I did a presentation of a pronouns and showed the different types of pronouns and how to use them in sentences
  • Shakespeare

    We learned a lot about Shakespeare and about his literature. We did a whole section of work on Macbeth and learned how he portrayed his work
  • Poetry

    Throughout this course we have read many different poems and learned how to read and analyze poetry. We have learned different types of poetry
  • Email Etiquette

    Email Etiquette
    I learned about how to be professional in a email, the do's and don'ts in an email. I learned about CC and BCC. I learned for to end an email.