Impact of ICT

  • first television

    John Logie Baird began developing a system by which television would be made possible. Baird wasn't the only one developing this new system at that time; indeed, Earl Ferdinand Braun had invented the first commercial cathode ray tube as early as 1897. But it was Baird who developed the disc-scanning equipment that made television possible.
  • first satnav

    uses maps on a scroll, has lmetd voice control
  • First Game console (Brown Box)

    German engineers design first game console that works on standered telivions
  • first email sent

    Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer, sent the first e-mail messages in late 1971. According to Tomlinson, the first few messages were simple tests and didn't contain any actual words or messages.
  • magnavox odyssey

    the first comertial video game. uses up to six cartages to play 12 games featuring dots and lines on the screen.
  • Pong (First Arcade Game)

    it is unique by having a single chip in it. they sold ones that could be used at home they where sold under tele games
  • tesco clubcard introduced

    this was a way of telling what people buy and how often
  • playstation

    the playstation stresses first dimetual game playing
  • google

    google launched
  • playstation2

    first 128 bit sysyme backward capability
  • xbox

    by microsoft fo greter pofomance
  • nintendo gameboy

    first portable game
  • facebook

  • first nintendo ds

    this has 2 screens one touch screen and one not on about the othe
  • playstation portiable

    first game to be hand y and portable
  • xbox 360

    has costomable designs
  • Twitter