Immigration Timeline

  • 1900

    The head tax on Chinese immigrants was increased from $50 (set in 1885 in the first Chinese Eexclusion Act) to $100
  • 1923

    Order in council issued excluding "any immigrant of any asiatic race" except agriculturist, farm labourers, female domestic servants, and wife and children of aperson legally in Canada. ("asia was conceived broadly, going as far west as Turkey and Syria.")
  • 1925

    The Railway Agreement was signed by the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways and the government, providing fo the railways to recruit immigrants, including from the "non preffered"countries of Northern and Central Europe,More than 185,000 Central Europeans entered Canada under the agreement (1925-1929)
  • 1946

    Canadian Citizenship Act adopted, creating a seperate Canadian citizenship distinct from British (Cnada was the first Commonwealth country to do so.)
  • 1947

    Italians were removed from the category of "enemy aliens"leading to a period of significant Italian Immigration.
  • 1947

    Order in Council issued aloowing legal residents and not just citenzens to sponsor fiance(e)s, spouses and unmarried children.
  • 1970

    Immigration from asia and the caribbean represented over 23% of the total,composed with 10% four years previously.
  • 1971

    The federal government announced it's policy of multiculturalism.
  • 1972

    The right to aplly for immigrant status while in Canada was revoked.
  • 1973

    The government formed a special task force to study all policy options in immigrants.