immigration timeine by jakai wade

  • Period: to

    immigration timeline

  • alien and sedition act

    alien and sedition act
    these four laws limited or stopped the right's of immigrants
  • chinese exclusion act

    chinese exclusion act
    a law was passed because workers were complianing that the competition from the chinese workers wer lowering their wages so chinese were denied entry into the united states
  • alien contract labor laws

    alien contract labor laws
    this was passed to prohibit corporations or individuals from paying for the transportation of foreign laborers into the united states
  • immigration & naturalism service

    the federal government regulated immigration into the united states
  • ins opens up elis island as a screening station for immigrants

  • the us and japan sign the gentelman's agreement

    japan and the us made an agreement to only give passports to japanese buisness men and the us agrred to stop segregation between japanese and white kids