Immigration Policies

  • Alien Enemies Act

    US has to be declared in war with a certain country in order for it to take effect. If a male citizen aged 14 or older a part of the nation the US is at war with they were subject to deportation, but if they didn't do any harm while they were there, they were given a certain amount of time to leave.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Sent all Chinese workers back to their original country and they found that they were a threat to order in certain localities.
  • Immigration Act

    There would be a 50 cent tax put on all immigrants landing in US ports. The officers on sight were in charge of making sure everybody there was sane and if they appeared to be convicts, lunatics, idiots, or unable to take care of themselves they were not allowed to stay.
  • Wartime Measure

    If an officer or person of government thought an alien was only there to cause harm to the citizens they had the right to refuse visas.
  • Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act

    Was passed in order to unify all sections of government after the 9/11 attacks in order to prevent future attacks on American soil.
    B-written to enforce security and border control
    C-visa requirements to be here by all people. If they needed to deport you they could
    D-intensified immigration policies and restrictions. If people harbored illegal immigrants they would be sent to prison.