Immigration and Urbanization

By pr17510
  • Chinese Immigration begins

    Chinese Immigration begins
    Chinese immigration begin after the Gold Rush and began at much larger volumes after the Burlingame trraty between USA and China, which established formal friendly raltions between the two countries.
  • Formation of the "Tweed Ring"

    Formation of the "Tweed Ring"
    After the election of 1869, William Tweed, nicknamed "Boss", was elected into a position of power on the New York City government, and soon began to give out jobs and contracts in exchange for political support. He formed a ring of power named the "Twee Ring" and gained significant power over the New York City government, and was later convivted on corrupoion charges after draining millions of dollars out of the City
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    When the Chinese exclusion act was passed in 1880, it banned chinese immigration for 10 years except for tourists, students teachers, merchants and government officials. This came due to an overly increasing Chinese population in the USA, and from the hostility of the nativists
  • The advent of the streetcar

    The advent of the streetcar
    By the mid 1880's, most cities benefitted from streetcars. As transportation improved, cities grew. They no longer had to be compact so that foot traffic could manage daily travel. Trolley lines went from one end of the city to the other, with many stops in between. Residents could now move outside of the city because they knew they could travel back easily,Before the trolley, the most sought-after city residences were often near the city's center
  • Ellis Island opens

    Ellis Island opens
    Beginning in 1892, Ellis Island was the busiest immigration port in America and processed over 12 million immigrants before its close in 1954
  • Emergency Quota Act

    Emergency Quota Act
    The Emergency Quota Act restricted the amount of immigrants that were allowed to come to America and was essentially the turning point of american immigration reform