• Chinese Exclusion Act

    This act gave a Chinese work group a ten year admission to the US to work. this was important for the US and China politicaly. There had been many eligible chinese citizens that were denied immigration ito the US.
  • Geary Act

    This act was an 10 year extension to the exclusion act. This is very important to chinese immigration history because when this act was finished it was made permenant so that all of the chinese could come to america and work.
  • The First Movement

    During world war I 454,000 blacks migrated north. This was followed by many more migrations for the next 50 years. The blacks moved north to get away from slavery and to get away from the harsh ecenomic conditions.
  • Railroad migration

    The Pennsylvania Railroad needed workers so bad that they brought 12,000 blacks to america to work on the railroad. This was the first time they whent south to bring blacks to the north to work.
  • Immigration act

    This act allowed 170,000 immigrants into the west. It was limmited to 20,000 people from each country and all admited needed skills so they could help society and work. This was good for the chinese but only if they made good use of the opprotunity if they showed that it benifited the U.S to have them in our country which would then lead to no boundrys on entry to the US.