Ideas that Influenceed the Formation of American Government

  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    Magna Carta; an English Charter
  • Mayflower Compact

    Mayflower Compact
    Was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony. The colonist wrote it, which was later known as the history of Pilgrims.
  • Two Treatrise of Government

    Two Treatrise of Government
    The Two Treatrise of Government was John Locke's.
  • English Bill of Rights

    English Bill of Rights
    The Bill of Rights was signed into law by King Willian III in 1689!
  • State of Nature

    State of Nature
    When you have a otomatic choice!
  • Spirit of Laws

    Spirit of Laws
    Spirit of Laws is the french word for; L'esprit des lois which is a political theory. Was First published by: Charles de Secondat.
  • Social Contract

    Social Contract
    The Social Contract was the agreement among the members of an organized society or between the govern and the government defining that limited the rights and duties of each.
  • Continental Congress

    Continental Congress
    Continental Congress; a convention of delegates called together from the Thirteen Colonies that became the Government's Body of the USA during the American Revolution.
  • Artcles of Confederation

    Artcles of Confederation
    Articles of Confederation was the first written constitution. Perpetual Union was involved with the Artcles.
  • Common Sense

    Common Sense
    Comman Sense was the Inhabitnts of Americans!
  • Natural Rights

    Natural Rights
    Natural Rights mainly follow the nature of man and the world. Are natural rights can include haveing the right to defend ourselves and our property.
  • Age of Enlightenment

    Age of Enlightenment
    Also known as Enlightenment or Age of Reason!