Ideas that Influenced the Formation of American Government

  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    The magna carta was a document that was taken to people with much power to tell them everybody elses rights.
  • Mayflower Compact

    Mayflower Compact
    The mayflower contract was created so the Pilgrims could practice christianity.
  • Enlightenment

    The enlightenment was made tell people thoughts of how a government should be.
  • State of nature

    State of nature
    The state of nature is something in script to state how things will be a state or ecomomy before it forms.
  • English Bill Of Rights

    English Bill Of Rights
    The english bill of rights was set up to tell people with power their limits. It also told how much rights the people without power had.
  • Natural Rights

    Natural Rights
    John Locke and Jean Jacqeus Rouseueu always said that people have "natural" rights people should not be treated differently.
  • Two Treatises of Government

    Two Treatises of Government
    The first Treatie was made to attack patrioism. The second was made to outline natural rights. John Locke wrote it.
  • The spirit of laws

    The spirit of laws
    the spirit of laws was made by Baron de Montesquieu. It was made to say how a government should be, and the separation of powers.
  • Social Contract

    Social Contract
    The Social Contract is a set of papers that state the principles of how a government should be.
  • Continental congress

    Continental congress
    People of the American colonies said that the taxation and rule over America was rediculous. They tried to form what is called the constitution.
  • Articles Of Confederation

    Articles Of Confederation
    The articles of confederation were a set of papers made to set out territorial laws.
  • Common Sense

    Common Sense
    Commone sense was created by Thomas Paine. It was a book describing the rights of the Americans.