Ice cream

  • 50

    The firs experiments with honey, fruit and nuts.

    Experiments to flavour snow with honey, fruit and nuts first took place in the ancient times in the east, in China and Greece, In 50 AD.
  • 1200

    Water ices from asia

    The emperor Nero was sending slaves to collect snow to make his sorbets and in the 13th century, Marco Polo brought back recipes for water ices from Asia.
  • 1500

    First iced desserts

    But the first recorded iced desserts, made by freezing milk, cream, and eggs,
    were made in Italy in the 16th century.
  • The first recipes of ice cream

    The recipes were then taken secretly
    to the courts of France and England in the 17th century and eaten only by
    the aristocracy.
  • The most famous italian ice creams

    The Italians were the most famous ice cream makers
    in Europe, but ice cream was also very popular in the
    United States of America.
  • The first ice cream churn machine

    America. In 1843, Nancy Johnson invented the first ice-cream churn (machine), and in 1851 the first factory-made ice cream was produced by American dairyman Jacob Fussel. Immediately, ice cream became cheaper and very popular.
  • The first ice cream cone

    The first ice-cream cone was patented by Italo
    Marchioni in New York in 1896.
  • The chocolate ice cream

    The choc-ice was invented by American confectioner Christian K. Nelson. Nelson watched a boy in a shop having problems deciding between ice cream and chocolate. He experimented with ways of combining the two, and in 1921, the first ‘choc ice’ was launched.
  • Other information

    Nowadays, there are hundreds of
    varieties of ice creams and frozen