Ibn Buttuta

By mwurts
  • Dec 16, 1325

    It All Starts Here

    Ibn Battuta's Journey started when he was 21 and he went to Mecca. His journey to Mecca was not as easy as he thought. He trecked across Africa then he tried to cross the Red Sea but luck was not in his favor and there was a war so he took all long walk over land. The reason he travel to Mecca in the first place was because he was a Muslim and every Muslim is supposed to travel to the holy city which is Mecca.
  • Period: Dec 16, 1325 to Oct 29, 1354

    dates of explorations

  • May 27, 1326


    In Mecca Ibn had a dream that a huge bird picked him up and took him east. He was told that his dream ment for him to travel the Muslim lands of the east. So he traveled to Il-Khanate and that was the start of Ibn's 28 year adventure.
  • Dec 17, 1330

    All Through Africa

    Sometime inbetween Ibn Battuta's journey to Il-Khanate and India Ibn sailed along the red sea between Africa and Arabia and down Africas east coast. Muslim traders and settlers have lived in eastern Africa so it was a place Ibn wanted to visit.
  • Dec 17, 1334


    Next Ibn Battuta headed for India. He hoped to find a job working for its ruler,Muslim sultan. Along the way to India he pased throught the black sea to the kindom of people known as the Golden Horde.He made frineds with Ozbeg the ruler. Ozbeg was also on his way to India so they joined expoditions. Finally he made it to India's capital in 1334. The sultan was delighted to see because he wanted to spread Islam and he need lawyers to teach people the new laws. So Ibn got a job as a qadi or judje.
  • Mar 31, 1335

    Was everything perfect in India???

    A few months later Ibn got a new boss and he was definatly not as nice. Ibn survived 7 years of great and terrible with there new leader. Then finally he befrended the leaders arch rival and was told to go to China as a anbassador. He took the opertunity to leave.
  • Dec 17, 1346

    Jinxed journey to China

    Ibn's journey to China was really jinxed. It started when he was captured by robbers then manged to get out and get on a ship but the shipped stoped for supplies and left him behind. When he finally set off again his ship sank, but he was picked up by another ship but of course it was raided by pirates and he washed ashore on the isalnd of Sri Lanka. No one really knows whether Ibn made it to China in the end but, acocording to his own account he caught a junk and arivved in 1346
  • Dec 18, 1349


    Ibn got tired of China and decided to head home.When he arived at Morocco he was bewildered and sad. Everyone was dying because of a disease called Black Death. When he arivved in his home town, Tangier his parents had died.
  • Dec 18, 1353

    last journey

    Ibn started off on his last journey.He went to tour Morocco itself then he trekked across the sahara destert and visited timbuktu for its famous trade of gold. And that is the end of Ibn Batuttas 28 year journey