Hunt Chapter 27: An Age of Catastrophes

  • Mein Kampf

    "My Struggle"; a book written by future leader of germany Adolf Hitler. Book was full of hitlers anti semetic, white supremist and political dictorial views
    This book highly popularized Hitler and spread Nazism to the masses
  • Stock Market Crash

    A sudden rapid decline in a large area of the stock market resulting in loss of value for paper money.
    This crash led to mass depression partially responsible for people to turn to radical alternatives to capitalism
  • Period: to

    Great Dipression

    A major economic depression triggered by the wall street stockmarket crash that effected many countries worldwide including Germany USA Britain France and more. This allowed for many leaders with radical political alternative views to come to power
  • Japanese invasion of Manchuria

    The japanese advanced into manchuria as a first major offensive into the mainland. The japaneses captured manchuria and heightened tensions between the Japanese Empire and the major European powers
  • Period: to

    Japanese Expansion

    A period of time in which the Japanese empire pushed forward with a powerful offensive taking many lands including parts of china, parts of russia Indonesia taiwan korea and eventualy moving southward toward new zealand. This was stopped when the US forced japanese surerender after the dropping of 2 niuclear bombs
  • The Enabling Act

    Hitler's act declaring him dictator of Germany giving him far more power that was supposed to be limited for 4 years and enacted due to a time of distress in germany. He no longer had to go through the reighstagg.
  • Hitler comes to Power

    Hitler rose to power with the support of the evergrowing nazi party. His passionate speaking ability and aggressive supremacism gained him popularity. He eventually became Chancellor of Germany and then Dictator after the enabling act was passed
  • Nuerenberg Laws

    A series of anti semetic laws that where passed in Germany. these laws took away citizenship of any Jews and banned any marriage or sexual intercourse between Jews and non Jews
  • Period: to

    Ethiopian War

    A war fought in Ethiopia in which Italy was trying to establish dominance and make ethiopia a Italian colony. The Italians won and added the new territory to Italian East Africa and creating much praise for Mussolini
  • Remilitarization of the Rhineland

    The Germans broke the treaty of versailles and moved miilitary supply's and soldiers back to the rhine river border area (french border) This was a early sstep toeards attacking france
  • Period: to

    Spanish Civil War

    A militaristic rebellion led by General Francisco Franco. The Italian Fascists and the Nazi's suported this rebellion and Spain became a testing ground for new arms. The end resulted in Franco overthrowing the Spanish Republic and becoming the dictator of Spain
  • Rape of Nanjing

    Japanese assault on china resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of chinese
    This hightened tensions between the Japanese and the Legion of Nations after the resulting US embargo on japan.
  • Period: to


    Chamberlain, Mussolini, Hitler,and the French Premeir met and agreed no to fight german advancement into Sudetenland. This was to avoid a war as the citizens where already in a depression and a reoccurence of WWI which would have been heavily citizen opposed
  • Munich Agreement

    An agreement allowing German annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland. They allowed for expansion of germany due to depression and fear of starting a war and its negative concequences especially after WW!
  • Anschluss

    Hitler's annexaion of Austria extending the "greater german nation". This move also gave him control of austria's gold supply helping him control the european resources This was one of Hitler's initial great advances toward dominating Europe. It also gave the nazi's greater resources and access to arms