History of Multicultural Education

Timeline created by zrhayley
  • Human Understanding

    Human Understanding
    The only way you can live life is if you experience it head on. In 1693, John Locke shared his thoughts with the world, thus pushing education toward. He changed many beliefs at that time and helped us understand ourselves better. We all must experience life for ourselves. I believe we each take something raw and personal out of the meaning of human understanding.
  • Enlightenment

    Benjamin Franklin brought exciting and different ideas to the colonies. Much like now some ideas were frowned upon. Some ideas didn't quite agree with the religious views. I believe Franklin was doing what he thought was best for us, especially to better us as humankind.
  • Public Education

    Public Education
    Horace Mann was an educator who envisioned free schools to the public. He strongly felt public education was a necessity and a right. I strongly believe he helped shape human value with pushing for free schooling.
  • Equality in U.S Education

    Equality in U.S Education
    Throughout the states many cases related to education disputes were at battle for equality. The Supreme Court stated unequal schools were discriminating against character. I strongly believe the U.S Supreme Court helped humankind move forward in the best direction.
  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights
    The Civil Rights movement was against segregation and discrimination. Many important leaders, such as, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks were influential to the movement. The movement ended the strain of discrimination towards man. Civil Rights gives any U.S citizen the right to vote, fair trial, public education, and public facilities.
  • Overcoming Barriers

    Overcoming Barriers
    Even though the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed there was still some cases being brought to Supreme Courts attention. Many schools had bilingual students but didn't know how to communicate. At the time, school districts did not provide English language instruction to their students thus violating the Act of '64. Protecting the students, the Equal Educational Opportunities Act was passed. Pushing towards a better future for education of many voices.
  • Achievement For All

    Achievement For All
    After being approved by Congress and the President, the Bilingual Education Act of 1968 is replaced on January 8, 2002. I strongly think this Act was a decision made for the children of America. The No Child Left Behind Act made schools liable for their students achievement levels. This made the schools push their students and helped them to do their best.
  • Economic Downturn

    Economic Downturn
    From 2009 to the present we have seen a great slump in unemployment. When Obama was first elected there were many teacher layoffs and schools closing due to budget cuts. On January 17, 2014 Obama signed the Bipartisan Budget Bill thus reconstructing budget cuts to Federal Education Programs in the states. Observing this happen, I thought it was strange. Shouldn't teachers be our main focus? They teach the future of tomorrow, I believe they should have the highest paying career.
  • Educating The Nation

    Educating The Nation
    Teachers wanted to protest their pay and benefits across the nation. Many schools were set to reopen due to school districts pleading for teachers to end their strike. There will still be education budget cuts but the teachers did succeed and receive and increase in their pay. I strongly feel teachers should have the highest paying career. Teachers alone deal with so much, they put in time with each student, and buy supplies for their classes with their own money.
  • Peaceful Protesting

    Peaceful Protesting
    There has been decades of mass shootings, and they are getting worse every year. Many students across America have become advocates for gun control. Even students who have not personally experienced the terror are speaking up for school safety. President Trump met with some of the people affected by the shootings and since has stated he wants more background, health, and mental screenings. Recently, many schools have peacefully protested against gun laws by walking out.