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Human Rights in Canada

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    Human Rights in Canada

  • Consitution Act 1867

    Consitution Act 1867
    Canadian constitution took elements from Britain's unwritten constitution. Rule of law and parlimentary supremacy (no single legislation supreme). No specific mentions about human rights except in two clauses.
  • Racial Discrimination Act

    Racial Discrimination Act
    No publication, broadcast, or display of anything indicating an intention to discriminate based on creed, race, sex, etc. Racial or religious discrimination against public policy and idea that you can't subordinate human rights for commerce.
  • Saskatchewan Bill of Rights

    Saskatchewan Bill of Rights
    Anti-discrimination in voting, religion, speech, press, assembly, association, arbitrary arrest or detention. Lack of effective enforcement procedure.
  • Bill of Rights

    Bill of Rights
    Relatively straightforward including right to life, liberty, security of person, etc.. without discrimination or race, origin, colour, religion or sex. Section 2 includes "commonlaw" eg. You can't be arested without cause. Problem was how to make an ordinary statute have precedence over other statutes.
  • Ontario Human Rights Code

    Ontario Human Rights Code
    First human right's code to consolidate various anti discrimination provisions
  • Canadian Human Rights Act

    Canadian Human Rights Act
    Prohibited discrimination based on sex, race, creed, etc... at a federal level
  • Constitution Act 1982

    Constitution Act 1982
    Act that introduced (among other things) The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which gurantee Canadians fundamental rights and freedoms with constitutional supremacy