Human rights


  • 539

    CYRUS the great

    CYRUS the great
    He freed the slaves, conquered Babylon, and took over most of Asia
  • Jan 1, 1215

    Manga Carta

    Manga Carta
    It was basicly the first potishon. Its creation started when people got sick of paying taxes, and the newest robin hood movie was set in these times and on this subject.
  • British Petition of rights

    British Petition of rights
    Its the same thing as the Manga Carta except there wasnt a big war over it.
  • British bill of rights

    British bill of rights
    seeing as the last 2 times Britan tryed to get what they wanted didnt work they tryed the british bill of rights. It was put in place so you could have freedom of speech in parliment and regular elections.
  • American Decloration of Indipendince

    American Decloration of Indipendince
    America no longer wanted to be part of Britan so the started a war, pushed some tea into the sea, and got the declaration of independince.
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    Natural Law now turns into natural rights. There was a huge battle over the rights of the people in france. When it was all over the finaly got what they wanted, witch was natural rights.
  • Napoleon Invasion

    Napoleon Invasion
    He ruled over the french for many years, and tried to take over the world. He may hav succeded if the rest of Europe hadent teamed up against him.
  • Natural Law

    Natural Law
    The Romans created natural law witch was bacily the fist human rights and where a world power.
  • Mahatma Gandhi

    Mahatma Gandhi
    He was just a lawyer at first, but then he started a huge protest in India. Finaly his protest got most of the world agreeing that evry one deservs rights.
  • United Nations Established (UN)

    United Nations Established (UN)
    After 2 world wars manny countrys united to create the UN. This was put in place to ceep the world at peace, and solve problems peacefuly
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    EleanorRoosevelt confermed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is the final guideline for us to follow.