houses timeline 009242

By Miss G
  • eygptian housing

    This is Egyptian housing, because they had no forest they used mud and stone to build their houses. in 3150 BC
  • Roman housing

    this is roman house some roman houses that belonged to poor people were very small but richer peoples houses were very big, all the rooms surrounded a room called the atrium.
  • british housing

    this is British house in 750BC - 43AD made of daub wattle and timber. the walls were made of daub and wattle whilst the roof was made of timbers so there was no need for a chimney because the smoke went through the roof.
  • house from 1600

    In the 1600 most houses are made of wood and concrete and were quite small
  • 1920's housing

    During the 20's and 30's there was a boom in house building, over four million houses were built to cater for the demands of the new changing family.
  • 1970's housing

  • housing now

    housing now
    housing now is much different from houses in the past we have good realible houses that will last hundreds of years. most houses now have around 3 bedrooms 2 bathroms a kitchen and living rooms and an ocassional garage.