• Period: to

    Annie leaves home

    spends a month deleting her existence from Little Nowhere.
  • Annie leaves home

  • Annie joins Blaxton's gang

  • Period: to

    Annie joins Blaxton's gang

    spends a year learning about magic and the government
  • Jan dies

    Annie turns in her friend and flees her gang
  • Period: to


    Annie meets passive giant, becomes friends. Works for her family for a month at the end of their friendship
  • Blaxton joins Riots

    for tasty revenge
  • Annie joins Trevor's gang

  • Period: to

    Annie joins Trevor's gang

  • Ben gets caught

    Cover-up catches Ben, takes him in for questioning.
    Trevor's gang relocates for safety.
  • Annie leaves Trevor's gang

    spends one year living under radar as mundane
  • Trevor's gang disbands

    Bruce leaves.
    Trevor and Nelwynn stay together until they split and join government
  • Bruce joins Riots

    LFG Bruce discovers young movement towards a greater good he has been craving. With a strong military head, he offers his services.
  • Trevor & Nel join government

    Trev and Nelwynn split up to join Enforcement in separate cities.

    Annie joins government, meets the Scourge
  • Period: to

    Annie works for Enforcement

    Partnered with Enforcer Ellington, Annie moves her way up the ranks becoming Special Enforcer Sinclair-- aka "The Redeemer".
  • Battle in the Park

    Beginning of "War"
  • Kingston turns 29

    marking 11 years service
  • Annie & Lucas

  • Founding of Mage Corps

    Albert is appointed Director of new branch.
    Annie is appointed Vice Director.
    Lucas is promoted to parallel title Master Enforcer and Mage-State Liaison
  • Headquarters is attacked; lockdown

    Adamantium bomb at HQ; Enforcer Velvet and her charge are heavily wounded. Building is evacuated and Clearance is put under lockdown.
  • Lucas turns 27

    and is so old
  • Frederick is caught; the City Burns

    Gang leader is brought in, interrogated, and promptly broken out by force. Many civilians die in the collateral damage brought on by the escape. The city goes into complete lockdown.
  • Annie turns 24

    (born 1926)