Horse and Buggy Timeland

Timeline created by mada379
  • Event 1

    Event 1
    Conestoga wagons first built.(IN THE USA)
  • Event 2

    Event 2
    Turnpikes built nation wide.(IN THE USA)
  • Event 3

    Event 3
    Conestoga wagons and horses become a popular way to move freight.(IN THE USA)
  • Event 4

    Event 4
    Regular stagecoach service established.(IN THE USA)
  • Event 5

    Event 5
    First horse car line established.(IN THE USA)
  • Event 6

    Event 6
    Thousands of families make their way west in covered wagons drawn by horses.(IN THE USA)
  • Event 7

    Pony express begins operations.(IN THE USA)
  • Event 8

    Event 8
    More than 8,000 wagons and horses pass through Omaha, Nebraska in one day.(IN THE USA)
  • Event 9

    Event 9
    Aided by horse drawn machinery, tens of thousand of prairie farmers feed the nation and the world.(IN THE USA)