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Honda Civic

  • Bye Bye Baby

    Bye Bye Baby
    My civic leaves my house. Heading for St. Pittersburg, Florida for a complete overhaul.
  • The Beginning of Something New

    The Beginning of Something New
    My civic arrives at "Honda-Mike's" shop in Florida. He has several cars to work on, so mine will take a while. (my car not shown in picture)
  • Guts

    Mike begins taking my car apart.
  • Guts...

    More removed
  • And more Guts...

    And more Guts...
    The process of removing my flywheel and other parts took Mike about a month because of the amount of cars he has been working on.
  • Head work

    Head work
    Starts work on the head of the motor.
  • Work on the block

    Work on the block
    Work on the block of the motor begins.
  • Block work continued...

    Block work continued...
    New parts arrive and work continues.
  • Motor complete!

    Motor complete!
    With the motor complete, Mike begins to rebuild the transmission.
  • Body work begins

    Body work begins
    New hood, fenders, and front bumper are placed on the car
  • Body work continued

    Body work continued
    Preparing a car for paint takes longer to do then actually painting the car.
  • Body and bondo

    Body and bondo
    Car is prepared for paint
  • Priming the car

    Priming the car
    The entire car gets first coat of primer.
  • Paint

    About to paint support frame in motor bay.
  • Primer

    Lip-Kit pieces
  • Primer

    Fenders, side mirrors, and fenders get primer.
  • Paint

    Support frame gets painted
  • Paint

    Fenders and side mirrors get painted
  • Paint

    Hood gets first coat of paint.