HOLIDAYS. Weekly Study Plan:From 11-11-2013 To 14-11-2013

  • First Lesson

    First Lesson
    WARM UP: Watch videos containing Costa Rican and American Holidays.
    PRACTICE: Complete the puzzles created with JClic, using the information already known and other from the videos.
    CONSOLIDATION: Chek the Puzzles orally.
  • Targert Objective:

    Look, listen and select the correct innformation to complete the exercises.
  • Period: to

    1º and 2º LESSONS

    Introducing the Curricular Theme: Costa Rica and the Speaking Countries: Customs and Traditions.
  • Second Lesson

    Second Lesson
    WARM UP: Brainstorm about traditional activities for each Costa Rican Holidays that has been studied.
    PRACTICE:Work in pairs, describe their favorite Holiday and prepare a Slideshow presentation.
    CONSOLIDATION: Present the Slideshow work in front of the class.
  • Target Objective:

    Complete the written/oral tasks by using appropriate vocalbulary.
  • Third Lesson

    Third Lesson
    WARM UP: Talk about what they did on the last Holiday: Independence Day.
    PRACTICE: Read about "Thanksgiving" on the Workbook.
    CONSOLIDATION: Comment in group the information read on the book.
  • Target Objective:

    Employ correct pronunciation when using new vocabulary studied.
  • Period: to

    3º and 4º LESSONS

    Putting in practice some of the new knowledge and vocalbulary about Holidays.
  • Fourth Lesson

    Fourth Lesson
    WARM UP: Brainstorm about the studied American Holidays.
    PRACTICE: Participate in the chat room and ask a native English speaker student about American Holidays.
    CONSOLIDATION: Give a written report about the information obtained from the chatroom conversation.
  • Target Objective:

    Practice WH questions: What? Where? When? How?