Ho Chi Minh

  • Born

    Ho Chi Minh is born and raised in Kim Lein Village
  • Period: to

    Ho Chi Minh

  • School

    Went to school at National Academy in Hué, Vietnam. Till he got kicked out, for protesting against the French
  • Occuption

    Ho Chi Minh gets a job as a baker
  • WW1

    Worked in Paris,France, London and England. He had a long life commimment for communism and Vietnamese independence
  • Develops his politcal outlook

    Develops his politcal outlook
  • Ho Embraces Communism

    Ho Embraces Communism
  • 1920-1923

    Was an outspoken leader of the Vietnamese community in Paris, participating in the Intercolonial Union formed under Communist sponsorship and publishing two anticolonial journals
  • Communist Party

    Communist  Party
    Ho became a founding member of the French Communist
  • Moscow, Russia

    Moscow, Russia
    Invited to studied at the University of Oriental Workers.
  • Vietnamese Revolutionary Youth League

     Vietnamese Revolutionary Youth League
    Was sent to China to organize a communist movement. He formed the Thanh Nien, whose members were mostly Vietnamese students in the southern Chinese port city of Canton. The league called for independence, redistribution of land, fair taxation, and equal rights for men and women
  • ICP

    Ho Chi Minh founds the Indochinese Communist Party.
  • Arrested

    Ho is arrested and incrsanted by british police
  • Seize Power

    Seize Power
    The Viet Minh seizes power. Ho Chi Minh announces Vietnam's independence.
  • Ho Chi Minh

    Ho Chi Minh
    Ho Chi Minh remained president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and chairman of the Communist Party but slowly turned over day-to-day responsibilities to others
  • USA against Vietnam

    USA against Vietnam
    USA fights against North Vietnam
  • NFL

    A movement of resistance against the non-Communist government in southern Vietnam. Clashes between that government and the NLF led the United States military to step in on the side of the South Vietnamese.
  • Death at 79

      Death at 79
    Dies of a heart attack in Hanoi. A very devasting day for the people in Vietnam
  • The war ends

    The war ends
    The longest war ends after 19 years and 180 days. Fought with North and South Vietnam, USA, and more allies. 58,220 soldiers were killed,more than 15000 wounded, and atleast 21000 were disabled