Histroy of Education 1944-2012

  • Education Act

    Education Act
    Education Act 1944 Rab Butler (president of the board of education) set a new structure for state of education after the war
  • Period: to

    Education timeline

  • Duties set for Governers

    Governers were given more duties and a clearer role was trying to be established
  • Scotlands Education Act

    Scotlands version of the 1944 education act
  • Barlow report

    Barlow report
    Identified a shortage of scientists, so recommened more univeristy places for scientists which would be funded
  • Free School Milk

    Free School Milk
    Free school milk for all children under the age of 18 years.
  • 13 Area training organistaions establshed

    13 ATO's established over England and Wales for teacher training
  • School leaving age raised to 15

  • GCE introduced

  • Superannuation Act

    This made provisions to teachers pensions and the employment of teachers over 65
  • Leicestershire experiment

    In which 3 students at the age of 11 were observed, the birghtest went of to grammer school at 14 and the other two to a different school for final years and then left.
  • Education Act 1959

    Grants and loans to aided schools and special agreement schools.
  • Teacher Training

    Course increased from two years to three years.
  • Education Act 1962

    LEAs fully responsible for students attendance.
    LEAs required to provide students with financial help for education.
    Parents legally obliged to make sure children recieve a suitable education.
  • Education Act 1968

    laid down rules about changing the character of schools. Act required polytechnics and other LEA colleges to have governing bodies.
  • 1986 General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)

    Common 16+ exam system replaced GCE O Level and CSE.
  • Middle schools opended

  • Education (Handicapped Children) Act 1970

    Transferred responsibility for education of severely handicapped children from health authorities to LEAs.
  • 1972 Local Government Act

    Reduced the number of LEAs from 146 to 104
  • 1972 Children Act

    Employment of children: An Act to secure that the minimum age at which children may be employed is not affected by any further change in the school-leaving age.
  • Education Act 1973

    Provisions regarding the operation of certain educational trusts.
  • Education (work experience) Act

    Allowed LEAs to organise work experience for final year school students.
  • School leaving age raised to 16.

  • 1975 Sex Discrimination Act:

    Had effects on school admissions, appointments and curricula.
  • 1980 Education Act:

    A major act which instituted the assisted places scheme (public money for children to go to private schools), gave parents greater powers on governing bodies and over admissions, and removed the obligation on LEAs to provide school milk and meals.
  • 1981 Education Act

    (following the 1978 Warnock Report): gave parents new rights in relation to special needs.
  • CATE

    1983 Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (CATE) established to set standards for initial teacher training courses.
  • Education (Fees and Awards) Act 1983.

    Education (Fees and Awards) Act 1983. LEAs would assist in helping pay university fees
  • Education (Grants and Awards) Act 1984

    Introduced Education Support Grants (ESGs) - central government funds given to LEAs for specific purposes.
  • 1988 Youth Training Guarantee

    All 16 and 17 year olds were to be in education, employment or training.
  • 1988 Education Reform Act

    Major act establishing the National Curriculum, testing regime, Local Management of Schools (LMS) etc.
  • 1991 Parents' Charter

    Gave parents the right to information about schools and their performance (updated in 1994).
  • 1992 Education (Schools) Act: Ofsted

    Office for Standards in Education
  • 1994 Education Act

    Established the Teacher Training Authority (TTA) and regulated student unions.
  • 1995 Modern Apprenticeships introduced.

  • 1997 Green Paper Excellence for all children

    Meeting Special Educational Needs: set out five year plan.
  • 1998 Education (Student Loans) Act

    Transferred provision of student loans to the private sector.
  • 1998 School Standards and Framework Act

    Encouraged selection by specialisation, changed the names of types of schools, limited infant class sizes, established Education Action Zones etc.
  • 1998 Teaching and Higher Education Act

    Established the General Teaching Council (GTC), abolished student maintenance grants and required students to contribute towards tuition fees.
  • 2002 Languages for all

    languages for life: the government's strategy for the teaching of foreign languages.
  • 2003 Workforce remodelling

    Government initiative aimed at reducing teachers' workload by employing more unqualified classroom assistants.
  • 2006 Primary National Strategy:

    Primary Framework for literacy and mathematics.
  • 2007 Further Education and Training Act

  • 2008 Education and Skills Act

    Raised the education leaving age to 18; Key Stage 3 SATs effectively abolished.
  • 2008 Academies

    51 opened in September.
  • 2009 SATs

    boycott proposed by NUT and NAHT.
  • 2009 Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act

    created statutory framework for apprenticeships.
  • 2010 Child Poverty Act

    targets and provisions.
  • 2010 Equality Act

    Wide-ranging Act which replaced nine major Acts of Parliament and almost a hundred sets of regulations which had been introduced over several decades.
  • 2010 SATs

    a quarter of all primary schools boycotted the tests.
  • 2010 Academies Act

    provided for huge and rapid expansion of academies.
  • 2010 Budget cuts:

    government proposed cuts of up to £3.5bn in the schools budget.
  • 2010 Higher education:

    fewer places and vastly increased tuition fees, the latter despite Liberal Democrat pre-election promises.
  • 2011 Education Act 2011:

    Increased schools' powers relating to pupil behaviour and exclusions, further diminished the role of local authorities, further expansion of academies etc.
  • 2012 Ofsted Report Moving English forward

    action to raise standards in English.