History/Survey of Jazz Styles

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    Joe Oliver

    A Trumpeter, Joe Oliver helped lead the Joe Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, a group of all-star New Orleans jazz players. Under his leadership, the Olvier's Creole Jazz Band made its first recordings in 1923, which is cited as the first recordings of New Orleans Combo Jazz.
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    Nick LaRocca

    Nick LaRocca, a cornetist, helped lead the Original Dixieland Band through the 1920s and 30s.
  • Birth of Jelly Roll Morton

    Birth of Jelly Roll Morton
    One of the first jazz pianists as well as the first important jazz composer, Jelly Roll Morton had the ability to perfrom both ragtime style and jazz style. He perfected the tecnhique of altering the eighth note so that they had a "swing" feeling. This allowed him to bridge the gap between ragtime piano style and jazz piano style.
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    Jelly Roll Morton

    A pianist, composer-arranger, and bandleader from New Orleans.
  • Birth of Louis Armstrong

    Birth of Louis Armstrong
    Often referred to as the "father of jazz"," or "Pops," there are few musicians who have impacted the history of jazz more than Mr. Armstrong. With his great ability to command the trumpet, Louis Armstrong innovated the way soloists improvised. His capacity to showcase his improvisation skills as well as redefining the conception of rhythmn allowed him to be a model for the swing era that followed.
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    Louis Armstrong

    Louis Armstrong, a Trumpet Jazz Player.
  • Period: to

    Earl Hines

    Early Jazz Pianist who influenced piano playing styles of the 1930's and 40's.
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    Combo Jazz

    What started in New Orleans and ending up finding its way to Chicago, early combo jazz found its roots in ragtime, blues, and brass band music. However, what separated it apart from its predecessors was its loosen rhythmic feelings, its improvised format, and its overall exciting style.
  • The Original Dixieland Jazz Band

    The Original Dixieland Jazz Band
    The Original Dixieland Jazz Band makes their first recording. The played "Livery Stable Blues" and "Dixie Jazz Band One-Step"
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    The Swing Era