History Project

  • Birth of Kim Il Sung

    Born in Pyongyang.
  • Period: to

    North Korea Timeline

    Birth of Kim Il Sung until present.
  • Birth of Kim Jong Il

    Birth of Kim Jong Il according to North Korean records.
  • Establishment of Democatic People's Republic of Korea

    North Korea officially declared itself a nation apart from South Korea.
  • Kim Jong Il declared head of Korean Worker's Party

    Marks the beginning of his ascend to power.
  • Kim Jong Il Named head of North Korean Military

    Kim Jong Il officially takes control of North Korean military
  • Death of Kim Il Sung

    Died of heart attack.
  • Kim Il Sung Declared Eternal President of North Korea

    "There shall never be another president like Kim Il Sung."
  • Japan Incident Invlolving Kim Jong-nam

    He tried to visit the Disneyland in Japan.