History overall

  • 15th amendment

    The Fifteenth Amendment prohibits all United States governments and government officials from denying a citizen the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude
  • panama canal completed

    The panama canal now connects the atlantic to the pacific ocean and is a major trade route.
  • Franz Ferdinand Assassinated

    Franz and Wife were killed by a hired assassin from the black hand. this caused a dominoe impact that lead to WW1
  • U.S. enters WW1

    we entered WW1 because the germans were attacking freight lines, Supply boats and even merchant ships. Woodrow Wilson decided it had been enough.
  • 19th amendmant

    The Nineteenth Amendment prohibits any United States citizen to be denied the right to vote based on Gender
  • treaty of versailles

    The Peace treaty ending WW1
  • Hitler invades poland

    Hitler invaded for the suppresion and controll of poland.
  • Japan bombs pearl harbor

    Bombed U.S. and killed over 3,000 people for oild and to proove a point
  • Executive Order 9066

    Forced all the japanese americans to be sent to an internment camp.
  • attomic bomb on nagasaki and hieroshima

    U.S. dropped an atom bomb on Japan because they wouldnt surrender.
  • First us military advisors sent to vietnam

    Military advisors were sent to vietnam to see if their was an imminent threat to america. aperentlythey found something, or else we would have not gotten involved.
  • JFK assassinated

    JFK was assassinated durring a parade by Lee Harvy Oswald.
  • March on washington

    The march of thousands of people to go see MLK's speech
  • first troops to Vietnam

    The U.S. sent in troops to stop the dominoe efect, they knew that if vietnam fell to comunism, a larger power might soon fall, so we intervened to prevent this fact.
  • MLK assassinated

    MLK was assassinated outside of a hotel by James Earl Jones. this mans death started uoprisings and caused a mini revolution, and a great excelleration for the african american comunity.
  • U.S. supports afganastan from soviet russia

    Durring the Cold war the U.S. helped the people of afghanistan by fighting WITH them against the Soviet Russians
  • vietnam ends

    Vietnam is ended by a cease fire treaty.
  • U.N. Resolution 678

    Iraq was given one last chance to ch9ll out. But basicly told them "pull your troops out or we will attack again"
  • U.N bombs iraq to escape Kuwait

    U.N. "cheated" so to speak, instead of staying on the battle field the U.N. attacked homesoil of the Iraq'is witch ignited a storm.
  • U.N. declares victory in the persian gulf war

    The super power of the United Nations dominated the battle field if Iraq had not invaded Kuwait then this war would have never existed.