History of Voting

  • 1776 NC Constitution

    1776 NC Constitution
    The NC Constitution favors the United States a lot in some ways. The NC Constitution serves to protect the individuals rights. North Carolina needed to make their own Constitution for the state. It seems to be more religious than the U.S Constitution. It also gives things better such as education. The NC Constitution helps the NC citizens.
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    It was the first women's rights convention.Women had wanted to be treated equally like men. Women were seen lower than men at this time of age. To give women more rights is allowing them to have more democracy by giving them their rights. Women were taking a higher stand then what they had been. After this convention the women's rights movement started even more.
  • Passage of the 15th Amendment

    Passage of the 15th Amendment
    This amendment allowed for colored men to be able to vote. Colored people were discriminated against during these times. The significance of allowing this amendment to happen is that it allowed for colored people to have more rights. Colored people were treated with little to no respect and it was a very unfair time for them. If this didn't happen then many people still wouldn't have their rights to vote. Allowing for the people to vote shows our Democracy of all men are treated equal.
  • Passage of the 17th Amendment

    Passage of the 17th Amendment
    This allowed for the people to have a say in voting for the senator. At first Americans couldn't really be able to vote for the senator. This allowed for more people to have rights. Allowing for the public to have more rights is giving them more democracy. Originally only legislative had voted for the Senate. After this it allowed mainly for men to at the given time.
  • Passage of the 19th Amendment

    Passage of the 19th Amendment
    Women in the older days were not allowed to vote. It allowed for women to be able to vote. Women were unable to vote and were treated unfairly. With this amendment it brought people more justice and freedom. It allowed for women to have a higher role so that they could have some say. Only men in this time were allowed to vote and if they were primarily white. Women and African Americans were discriminated against and seen lower than men.
  • Indian Citizenship Act

    Indian Citizenship Act
    This allowed for Indians to have citizenship. Originally they had been treated really harshly and people did't want them on their own land.
  • Passage of the 23rd Amendment

    Passage of the 23rd Amendment
    This would allow for the people to vote for the president and vice president. People wanted more of a day in electing people. Originally they couldn’t vote for the president or Vice President. This allowed for more people to have democracy in allowing them to vote. People were given more rights by this.
  • Passage of the 24th Amendment

    Passage of the 24th Amendment
    This outlawed poll tax when you would vote. Originally you had to pay to have to vote. After this you didn’t have to pay to vote anymore. There was poll taxes at the time and that is why you would have to pay. Having to pay seemed unfair to people. When getting rid of this it allowed for people to have more democracy as more could now vote because they could afford it.
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    They wanted to allow African Americans to be able to vote. Originally African americans were unable to really vote. African Americans were seen below women and below the average white male. They were treated really badly at the time and had breaks any rights. This allowed for more democracy as all men are equal.
  • Jim Crow Laws

    Jim Crow Laws
    These were laws that enforced racial segregation. Having these laws did give colored people things such as their own water fountains. With these laws though the things given to them were of really bad quality and it was unfair. Colored people were treated just as bad as before.
  • Passage of the 26th Amendment

    Passage of the 26th Amendment
    They needed people in order to fight in wars. The passage lowered the age to go into the military. This passage allowed for more people to join the military. The passage allowed for the age to be 18 when at the time it had been 21. Allowing for this to happen it made make people be able to fight for their country. People could earn money for their families by doing this and honor.