History of Voting

By Macayla
  • North Carolina Constitution

    North Carolina Constitution
    Info:The constitution was made reaffirming their rights while fighting for their independence. This constitution set in place that the counties each had one vote for one senator and two house members.
    This was the first constitution of North Carolina and was criticized for the mistakes it made. In the convention of 1835 it was changed. This is were the numbers of state legislature was changed to 50 senators and 135 house members. How counties got votes was changed to represent population.
  • Seneca Falls convention

    Seneca Falls convention
    info- This was the first womens right convention in the United States. This would begin the suffrage movement. They wanted social, civl and religious rights.
    Womans righ was a large thing because of this and the suffrage movement. This would lead to more womans right in multiple things including voting. This would be the start of women getting this right after the long journey of getting more rights for women. This was signicant to equal rights involving voting.
  • Period: to

    Jim Crow Laws

    Info: These laws were put into place to stop blacks from voting and to reduce the voting of them. This was donebecaue hey couldn't ban them from voting because of the 15th amendment.
    This included poll tax that had to be paid for two years,the literacy test was something had to be taken and stopped almost al blacks from voting. A grandfather clause was also put in place to allow people to vote who's grandfather could vote before the civil war, which only benifited whites.
  • Passage of the 15th amendment

    Passage of the 15th amendment
    Info-This amendment gave African Americans the right to vote. This was passed after the American Civil War. This was done by tstating that the rght to vote couldn't be taken away on the basis of race,color of previous condition of servitude.
    Because of this, acts were put into place to stop African Amerians from voting. This was the first allowance of African americans being allowed an impact in government. It was also the start of the reconstruction.The first black male sat in the US senate.
  • Passage of the 17th amendment

    Passage of the 17th amendment
    Info: This allowed voters to cast direct votes for Senators. This was done because of deadlocking by legislatures from different parties.
    This was significant because it allowed more voter influnece in state government. Before this the senators were chosen by legislatures giving less power to citizens and more to politicians. SInce this was ratified citizens were given more say in government in things more immediate to them. This also lessened lag in chosing state senators.
  • Passage of the 19th Amendment

     Passage of the 19th Amendment
    Info: This amendment gave all women the right to vote. Multiple movements from several generations including protests and lectures led to this change to the constitution
    This was a large movement allowing women to vote. A movement that was wanted for many years. This was important to the movement of allowing all citizens the right to vote. It got rid of all rights to be denied the right to vote based on gender.
  • Indian Citizenship Act

    Indian Citizenship Act
    Info: This gave citizenship to native americans in America. This was done during the reconstruction period which allowed citizenship to friendly tribes.
    This gave more rights to people who who lived in the United States the Native Americans in particular.This however didn't give them the right to vote and rights depended on the state.This however increased their rights an would be the start of them having the rights of a full citizen. It gave more rights to people in America.
  • Passage of the 23rd Amendment

    Passage of the 23rd Amendment
    Info- This amendment allowed residents of the district of Columbia to vote. They were not allowed to vote because they weren't a state, now they were allowed to send a representative to congress to speak on behalf of them
    This allowed D.C a greater voice in governor. It allowed the state to gain more control of themselves. It also allowed more people the ability to vote. It lead to better democracy since more people affected by the government were allowed to vote
  • Passage of the 24th Amendment

    Passage of the 24th Amendment
    Info- This got rid of the voting tax placed on federal elections. This was becausse it affected black voters.
    This helped farther protect black voter rights. This farther closed the gap between black and white voters making it easy for blacks to have an impact in government. This was a movement to remove JIm Crow laws that held back black citizens. This was a start of removing these laws.
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    Info: This was signed to overcome legal barries that stopped African Americans from voting. During the civil rights movements there were marches for voting rights and after a violent legislation was put in place fo their rights.
    This would lead to better equal rights with the views of movements. Before this many African Americans were unable to vote because of measures put in place to stop it. Because of this voting for blacks were allowed. More citizens were now allowed and able to vote.
  • Passage of the 26th Amendment

    Passage of the 26th Amendment
    Info-This lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 during the second world war. This was because many younger people went to war and many believed that since they were able to go to war they should be allowed to vote.
    This was important because it added to the demographic of people who could vote. This allowed more people the ability to vote and to influence government. It allowed people who fought for the country to vote. This also affected values of the government and who to appeal to.